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In Blue by Karrin Allyson, Autographed

In Blue by Karrin Allyson


Tracks on In Blue
  1. Moanin'
  2. (889k)
  3. Everybody's Cryin' Mercy
  4. (946k)
  5. Long As You're Living
  6. (857k)
  7. The Meaning Of The Blues
  8. (971k)
  9. My Bluebird
  10. (950k)
  11. Hum Drum Blues
  12. (939k)
  13. How Long Has This Been Going On?
  14. (937k)
  15. West Coast Blues
  16. (937k)
  17. Evil Gal Blues
  18. (940k)
  19. Blue Motel Room
  20. (810k)
  21. Bye Bye Country Boy
  22. (941k)
  23. Love Me Like A Man
  24. (1020k)
  25. Angel Eyes
  26. (946k)
Personnel on In Blue

Karrin Allyson, vocals; Danny Embrey, guitar (1-4, 6-8, 10-13); Mulgrew Miller, piano (1-7, 9, 13), Fender Rhodes (8, 11); Peter Washington, bass; Lewis Nash, drums; Steve Wilson, alto saxophone (1), soprano saxophone (4, 13)

Ballads by Karrin Allyson, Autographed
Ballads - Remembering John Coltrane


Tracks on Ballads

1. Say It (Over And Over Again) (628k)
2. You Don't Know What Love Is (448k)
3. Too Young To Go Steady (610k)
4. All Or Nothing At All (815k)
5. I Wish I Knew (480k)
6. What's New (1035k)
7. It's Easy To Remember (441k)
8. Nancy (With The Laughing Face) (789k)
9. Naima (588k)
10. Why Was I Born (588k)
11. Everytime We Say Goodbye (423k)

Personnel on Ballads

James Williams, piano; John Patitucci, bass; Lewis Nash, drums; Bob Berg & James Carter, tenors; Steve Wilson, soprano.

From Paris to Rio by Karrin Allyson, Autographed
From Paris to Rio


Tracks on From Paris to Rio

1. Sous Le Ciel De Paris (Under Paris Skies) (556k)
2. Samba Saravah (934k)
3. Te Amo (I Love You) (952k)
4. O Pato (The Duck) (841k)
5. Ne Me Quitte Pas (If You Go Away)
6. Plasir d Amour (The Pleasure of Love)
7. O Barquinho (My Little Boat)
8. Coracao Vagabundo (MY Vagabond Heart) (743k)
9. Parisian Thoroughfare (735k)
10. Des Histoires
11. Inutil Paisagem (Useless Landscape)
12. Catavento e Girasol (Windmill and Sunflower)
13. Aria/Belo Horizonte
14. That Day (897k)

Click here for liner notes.

Personnel on From Paris to Rio

Karrin Allyson - vocals, piano, percussion; Gil Goldstein - accordion, piano; Paul Smith - piano, synthesuzer; Bob Bowman - bass; Todd Strait - drums, percussion; Doug Auwarter - surdo, drums; Rod Fleeman - acoustic guitar; Danny Embrey - acoustic guitar; Kim Park - alto saxophone, flute; Grigori Sandomirsky - 1st violin; Paul J. Hatton - 2nd violin; John Adams - viola; Steven Elisha, cello; Bill McGlaughlin - conductor (14).

Recorded: March 15-19, 28 1999 at Soundtrek Studios, Kansas City, MO; Ron Ubel, Recording & Mix Engineer, Assistant Engineer Grant Schainost.

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